15 Feb 2016
Drones vs  Robots

Drones vs. Robots. The Next Level of Supply Chain Delivery.

We all win in the Drones vs. Robots Delivery Battle.  While it might sound like the title of a sci-fi film, these new technologies could have a big impact on your business in the not-so-distant future. Big changes are arriving at our doorsteps. Whether they come by sidewalk or by air, there’s no denying that this is the era of technological progress. The rate at which technology is developing has exciting possibilities for commerce. Fast Company’s article about the ongoing battle for the next big breakthrough in delivery method is a great example of how quickly and significantly change is happening.


All new technologies arise from a problem needing a solution. In this case the problem is: how do companies deliver products faster but spend less money?  Amazon is banking on their drone program to solve this problem. If all goes as planned their Prime Air service will deliver purchases within 30 minutes of placing an order. And they aren’t the only ones betting on drones. Google is developing its Project Wing drone system to be a direct competitor.


While their goals are lofty, two Skype founders think there could be a more grounded approach to delivery. Starship Technologies is attempting to create autonomous robots that could deliver packages via sidewalks. Their six-wheeled device would navigate suburban and light urban areas to deliver goods up to a mile from a central delivery hub. The proposed design would enable low-cost delivery.


So it may be necessary to pick between drones and robots when it comes time to make a decision about distribution, but the reality is this drone vs. robot battle is good for everyone involved. Not only because it is a fine example of innovation, but also because it demonstrates that drastic change is something to embrace rather than fear.


New technologies, new designs, and new industries are all working on behalf of progress.  “New technologies come from innovation but also facilitate innovation. We are seeing big changes in the type of inventory being funded, but there are equally exciting changes happening at every stage of the supply chain,” said Daryl Hudson, the founder and CEO of



Curve Commercial an industry leader in supply chain funding that purchases raw materials, component parts and finished goods for established businesses allowing for flexible repayment terms. The answer to every industry problem may not be a cute little robot, but in every industry there is a big inefficiency awaiting a groundbreaking solution. Whether it flies, crawls or climbs, change will always find a way to get where it is needed. The companies that recognize this and work to be at the forefront of change are the companies that will thrive in the global marketplace.

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