Keith Kirkland

Keith Kirkland

National Sales Manager, VP of Sales


Keith Kirkland is a master at launching and reinvigorating businesses. Whether a new business needs to get off the ground or an existing business needs a facelift, Keith is the man for thejob. He comes to Curveafter a career dedicated to closing deals and rejuvenating businesses.

Keith’s professional career began in 1989at Sun Trust Bank as a collector, ajob he believes everyone should do at least once. He became a credit manager before going on to be a Sales and New Business Officer. He was fortunate to have this job during a time when manufacturing was big business in the U.S., so he gained invaluable perspective on the manufacturing process in addition to insight into the world of middle market financing. The eight years he spent with SunTrust would be the foundation of his career, not only because it set him up to take on a
new job at Heller Financial, but also because it gave him an unparalleled understanding of business financing, the world of manufacturing, how to create business relationships, and how to have tough conversations.

Like many in the ABL industry, Keith worked for Heller Financial for a few years. His position as a Sales Executive required extensive travel and top-notch communication, but the air miles and long hours paid off. His division improved from the worst to best performing in just a year. Keith’s career continued in the sales department at Investment Scorecard, which is now known as lnforma Investment Solutions. There, he marketed performance measurement solutions to wealth management firms and banks.

Keith’s next endeavor introduced him to the challenges and rewards of working withnew and developing companies. He began working as Vice President of Sales for Encompass Global Payment Solutions, which was owned by Marquette Bank, in 2001 when the company was just a few months old. Keith played an integral part in product development, as well as the development of sales and marketing strategies. Marquette was sold to Wells Fargo, but Keith’s experience and in­ stinct for growing a company remained with him.

In fact, Keith was inspired to create his own company. In 2002, recognizing a need for a network of qualified subcontractors in the Nashville area, he took matters into his own hands and founded OCS, Inc. The years he spent as an entrepreneur gave him insight into the daily lives of those entrepreneurs that he now works with in his other roles.

The next role Keith stepped into turned out to be one that would propel him through many stages of his career. He signed on as Executive Vice President of Wall Financial Services and Physician Finance Group when it was still a new company in 2004. He was integral to the process of developing sales and marketing strategies and played a major role in creating the healthcare finance division. In 2008 Wall merged with Presidential Financial. Keith stayed on. He managed the rebranding efforts of the new version of the company, redesigning the marketing efforts and improving the company’s processes and documentation. When Presidential was acquired by MidFirst Bank in 2013, Keith once again stayed and played an important role in training and educating MidFirst personnel. He once again revamped the marketing strategy, even writing the new website content. Throughout this time he developed a passion for asset-based lending, learned a thing or two about closing deals, and became a champion for entrepreneurial businesses.

Keith now brings his decades of experience to Curve, where his intimate knowledge of the finance world, his marketing savvy, and his emphasis on the human side of business will help move Curve even more into the global spotlight.