Tips on making sure that your product receives the attention it deserves.

You want to make sure the distributor of your products provides the proper amount of focus and dedication to your company. Of course, this is a difficult proposition for many companies today, simply because they don’t know the best ways to get the distributor to promote and sell it with the same passion that the maker has.

Many companies have found that helping the distributor to fall in love with the brand can help immensely. The following are some ways that you can get the distributor to give your brand the attention it deserves. Keep in mind that you need to think about what it is that makes your own company special. Here are a few of the things that you can try when you are hoping to garner the attention of a distributor that has a number of other brands all clamoring for attention.

Treat the Distributor Well

If you want the distributor work hard for your brand, you must always treat them with respect. Be polite during all interactions with them; provide thank you notes to those who have helped you fix some type of issue or problem. Simply being nice and treating them well is an effective way to get them “on your side.” When representatives from the distributor come to your company, provide them with the VIP treatment from start to finish. Let them know just how valued they are.

In this same vein, it is important to provide great overall customer service when working with the distributor. If they have questions and concerns, answer them as quickly as possible. Shipments and payments always need to be accurate and on time.

Remember the distributor during the holidays as well. Consider sending gift baskets over to the distributor. Providing these little bits of acknowledgement at different times of the year will keep your company in the mind of the distributor, and you can be sure they will think of you favorably.

Incentives for the Distributors

People like to be recognized for the hard work that they do. This includes the distributors of your products. People always tend to work harder when they see that there is an incentive possibility above their normal paycheck. Many companies offer incentives, such as trips, for those distributors that were able to meet and exceed their annual sales quota. For example, some companies offer group trips for those who exceed their quota to resort locations around the world.

In addition to offering a trip as an incentive, you may want to consider providing awards for the distributor. You could hold a small award event or luncheon where you present a plaque to the distributor. Incentives and awards such as these are a surefire way to excite a distributor’s personnel.

Make the Sales Meetings Memorable

Whenever you have a sales meeting with the distributor, take steps to make it as memorable as possible. Consider hiring a speaker for the event, provide quality food, and maybe even have some games for the attendees to play. Consider having some free branded items that you can provide to the attendees as well. This also keeps you fresh in the mind of the distributor.

These are some of the best and simplest methods of getting the distributors to fall in love with your company. Always make sure you think about the types of products your company offers and the type of business you are running to come up with some unique things you can do for your distributor. Contact us today to learn more about improving your business.

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