Since 2011, Curve’s innovative trade alternative has funded over $200 million in inventory for companies experiencing a growing demand for their products.  We partner with our clients in the production and sale of their products by funding raw materials, component parts, and finished goods solving the cash gaps between manufacturers, suppliers and retailers.  Our open account purchasing line offers you the ability to purchase when you need, as often as you need, in the quantities you need so you can sell more product and make more money.  Once inventory is purchased, Curve offers you or your buyers 30/60/90 day flexible repayment options.  Contact us now for rapid approval in as little as 5 business days.



There is high demand for your product but you can’t purchase the goods from your manufacturer without upfront payment and your retailer won’t pay you until after they’ve received the goods.  Curve steps in to partner with you in the production of your goods so that you can pay your manufacturer and provided repayment terms to your retailer.


You have suppliers who can’t pay you in advance and you need to purchase raw materials to keep your business moving, Curve partners with you by purchasing your raw materials on your behalf and accommodating repayment terms so you can keep taking orders and offer terms to your clients.


Your business is thriving where consistency of product has been key.  In order to retain cash flow, you pay up to 120 days after product receipt.  Your supplier continues to service you but is struggling because they need the cashflow to produce more product while you try to retain cashflow.

Curve can purchase the products for your suppliers so you can get the 30,60, or 90 day repayment terms you require and they can get paid at the same time.



We fund raw materials so that your production line never has to halt due to a lack of supplies.


The production of complex items can begin with certain parts being purchased or assembled elsewhere. Having access to these component parts is vital for timely manufacturing.


Whether you are producing an everyday product that can be found in households around the globe or an obscure object for a select market, we are there to get your product from factory line to retail shelves.


The production process relies on dozens of supplies and equipment for cleaning, coordinating, building and repairing. While these products do not make their way through the manufacturing process to become a consumable good, they remain an important and unavoidable expenditure. We can fund your MRO to ensure that these expenses do not interfere with your supply chain.


Curve funds the raw materials and goods on which contract manufacturers and their suppliers rely.  Our contract manufacturers and suppliers enjoy flexible repayment terms with goods delivered on time.  Funding for these relationships provides access to prompt payments, access to materials and allows our clients to capitalize on greater reputation capital.


Curve has provided over $200 million of inventory to companies that have a rising demand for their products. Through our TradeTermz program, Curve will provide you with the capital you need to purchase raw materials, and finished goods, using Curve’s open account terms.

Inventory purchasing at its best!  TradeTermz acquires 100% of your supplies, allows you up to 90-days in repayment terms after inventory is delivered directly to your doorstep.  You can take advantage of volume pricing and maximize your purchasing power and ability to meet the growing demand of your products.

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Manufacturers and suppliers overseas can now easily export their products from their country of origin into the US directly to their large retailers.  This program acts on your behalf as a US fulfillment and distribution facility making it easy to continue to grow overseas.


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Specifically for the suppliers of BigBox Retailers around the world, this product allows suppliers to face the challenge of high volume inventory demand which requires capital and a solid fulfillment process.  Large retailers offer this product to their suppliers strengthening their ongoing relationship and ensuring a continuous flow of quality product.

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