22 Feb 2016

Adopting Go-Green Initiatives in the Supply Chain It is becoming more and more popular for supply chains to adopt green initiatives. As industries adopt higher environmental standards and consumers develop a taste for sustainably produced goods, companies have little choice but to consider what it would mean for their supply chain to go green.   […]

15 Feb 2016
Drones vs  Robots

Drones vs. Robots. The Next Level of Supply Chain Delivery. We all win in the Drones vs. Robots Delivery Battle.  While it might sound like the title of a sci-fi film, these new technologies could have a big impact on your business in the not-so-distant future. Big changes are arriving at our doorsteps. Whether they […]

08 Feb 2016

Curve Commercial’s Innovative Inventory Funding Enhances Retail-Vendor Relationships Curve founder and CEO Daryl Hudson recently spoke with Inc. Magazine about the funding revolution he has started in the supply chain industry. Inc. Magazine listed Curve Commercial as #232 in Inc.’s 5000 in 2015. The interview makes the comparison between Curve’s role in the commercial sector […]

03 Nov 2015

Deliver More Product and Make More Money Holiday shopping season is fast approaching. Getting quality goods on store shelves is a mission.  What used to be a concentrated period of heightened sales beginning with Black Friday has turned into a months-long shopping marathon. Customers are buying earlier and consuming more than they have in the […]

17 Jul 2015

How countries are overcoming the challenge of global distribution Many companies feel that distributing to other countries causes more problems than it is worth, but they are missing the great potential that exists. They often worry about the red tape that they have to deal with at customs, along with high fees and hidden fees […]

09 Jul 2015

  Tips on making sure that your product receives the attention it deserves. You want to make sure the distributor of your products provides the proper amount of focus and dedication to your company. Of course, this is a difficult proposition for many companies today, simply because they don’t know the best ways to get […]

16 Jun 2015

Resource Guide for Manufacturers When Choosing a Distributor Choosing a distributor for your product is a key facet to ensuring the success of your business in the marketplace. In order to choose the ideal distributor, it’s imperative to carefully analyze how they operate, their sales and marketing capabilities, financial stability, knowledge of your market and […]

12 Nov 2014

30 Questions to Ask Your Overseas Manufacturer When it comes to finding the right overseas manufacturer, it’s all about asking the right questions. You need to first find options, and that all starts with referrals and recommendations. Once you have a list of manufacturers to contact, you need to ask them the right questions to […]

05 Nov 2014

4 Tips To Find and Work With Overseas Manufacturers Get Referrals Getting referrals is the first step in finding an overseas manufacturer that has experiencing with the type of product you are creating and/or producing. You can start with any manufacturers you currently know as they likely will be able to recommend someone with the […]